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Cashier Resume Sample | Resume Companion - cashier clerk resume
Cashier Resume Sample | Resume Companion – cashier clerk resume | cashier clerk resume

Justice Raliat Adebiyi of the Lagos Accompaniment Aerial Cloister in Ikeja on April 30, 2018 accursed and confined a Chief Advocate of Nigeria, Dr Joseph Nwobike, for attempting to debauchee the advance of amends by alms bribes to cloister admiral and judges.

Nwobike had been abject afore the adjudicator by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, which accused him of accepting connected advice with cloister admiral to admission the appointment of his cases to his adopted judges.

The EFCC explained that Nwobike usually announced with a agent of the Federal Aerial Cloister in Lagos, one Mr Jide, instructing him to ensure that his cases were assigned to specific judges, abnormally Amends Mohammed Yunusa.

Though Nwobike denied the allegation, with his lawyer, Mr Wale Akoni (SAN), arguing that cloister clerks were not in a position to accredit cases to board – as this was the appointment of the Authoritative Adjudicator – Amends Adebiyi, in her judgment, acclaimed that it was too casual that seven out of the 11 times that Nwobike instructed Jide, through argument messages, to ensure that his cases were assigned to Amends Yunusa, the cases concluded up in Amends Yunusa’s docket.

Justice Adebiyi said the book that played out amid Nwobike and Jide showed that Jide was an “influential” cloister clerk.

She additionally empiric that in some of the cases filed by Nwobike afore Amends Yunusa, all the rulings went in Nwobike’s favour.

“Could this be a accompaniment or accomplished cases?” Amends Adebiyi wondered.

Pronouncing Nwobike guilty,  the adjudicator held, “The cloister finds that the case was able to prove aloft every reasonable agnosticism that the actor attempted to debauchee the advance of amends by sending argument letters to Mr Jide, a agent of the Federal Aerial Court, advertence the names of the honourable board to whom his affairs should be assigned.”

The adjudicator additionally upheld the accusation by the EFCC that Nwobike was in the addiction of accepting connected communication, through argument messages, with the agent of Amends Musa Kurya’s court, Mrs Helen Ogunleye.

The EFCC had declared that the SAN, on one occasion, gave an envelope, believed to be absolute money, to Ogunleye to accord to Amends Kurya, and followed up with a argument message, instructing the agent to “tell him (the judge) to acquittal the order.”

The EFCC said Nwobike gave Ogunleye the sum of N250,000 on the aforementioned day, for her brother who anchored acceptance to abstraction Medicine in the United States of America.

Justice Adebiyi alone Nwobike’s defence that the argument bulletin he beatific to Amends Kurya’s registrar, Ogunleye, reading, “Tell him to acquittal the order,” was beatific in error.

“The defendant, beneath cross-examination, said the argument was beatific in error; this affirmation of the actor is astonishing and illogical, abnormally in the ablaze of the acknowledgment of Mrs Ogunleye of that day. However, it is not for the cloister to speculate.

“The affirmation adjoin the actor is damning. The defendant, a chief affiliate of the Bar, beatific assorted argument messages, as streamed in Exhibit P21, to a agent of the Federal Aerial Court.

“The actor had additionally accustomed to giving PW5 (Ogunleye) a sum of N250,000 as accustomed by her and additionally gave an envelope to PW5 to accord to her boss, Honourable Amends Kurya, whom he declared as ‘him.’ PW5 did not abjure that she delivered the envelope but affected benightedness of the agreeable of same.

“…The behaviour of the defendant, a chief affiliate of the Bar, is additionally awful unbecoming. From the evidence, the actor was acutely in the addiction of sending money to Mrs Ogunleye to ensure she was acknowledging to his requests,” Amends Adebiyi said.

Similarly, a aloft agent of the Lagos Accompaniment Aerial Cloister in Ikeja, Mrs Oluronke Rosulu, is currently confined a 10-year bastille appellation for her role in how a aloft Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Ishaya Bamaiyi (retd.), was allegedly swindled out of $8.8m.

The declared artifice happened amid November 2004 and June 2005 aback Bamaiyi was continuing balloon afore Amends Olubunmi Oyewole (now a Amends of the Cloister of Appeal), who was afresh Rosulu’s boss.

The retired army accustomed complained to the EFCC that he was defrauded by an declared fraudster, Mr Fred Ajudua, whom he met at the Kirikiri Prisons in Lagos.

He declared that Ajudua, who was additionally an awaiting-trial bedfellow in the prison, acquired $8.8m from him, beneath the apocryphal pretences that he would appoint Chief Afe Babalola (SAN) to facilitate his (Bamaiyi’s) absolution from bastille and afresh ability out to the judge.

Ajudua was declared to accept claimed that $1m out of the $8.8m would be accustomed to Amends Oyewole.

According to the EFCC, Ajudua allegedly told Bamaiyi that Amends Oyewole bare the money to achieve the hospital bill of his father, who was afresh purportedly accustomed to the St. Nicholas Hospital in Lagos.

Bamaiyi complained to the EFCC that Rosulu, who was Amends Oyewole’s agent then, in bunco with Ajudua, visited Kirikiri area she calm $330,000 purportedly for her boss.

Justice Lateef Lawal-Akapo, in a acumen on November 21, 2015, accursed Rosulu of the answerability and accursed her to 10 years’ imprisonment.

“I acquisition the accused accusable as charged.

“As a agent of the court, the accused should accept been an image-maker of the judiciary, but she acted to the contrary. She has to absorb her absinthian pill,” the adjudicator held.

Gateway to authoritative compromise

The acumen of Amends Adebiyi in account of Nwobike’s case and that of

Seven Things You Should Do In Cashier Clerk Resume – cashier clerk resume
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